Access Control Systems

R.J. Beck Protective Systems provides scalable, cost-effective access control solutions for your needs.


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Secure and Controlled Access

Proximity cards and fobs are used by people as an easy and reliable means of gaining access to their places of work and other secured access points. 

Whether you need simple access control for a few employees in a single building, or a variety of operations for thousands of employees in a multi-region, multi-server system, R.J. Beck Protective Systems provides the best access control solution for your needs.

Range of Capabilities

We install access control systems in different sizes – from just one reader to an enterprise sized one thousand reader system. No system is too small or big to handle.

Scalable and Cost-Effective

Select only the features you need and add on to it as you’re ready.

Secure Mobility Features

Manage access from anywhere, any time, and from multiple types of devices.

Instant Controls

Change user rights quickly, assign temporary passes, and unlock doors remotely.

ID Cards and Printers

R.J. Beck Protective Systems offers photo ID cards and photo ID printer solutions for your workplaces. Contact us for easy-to-use photo ID badging software with affordable printers and cards.

Secure Entry

R.J. Beck Protective Systems offers a comprehensive set of door intercom solutions to provide secure entry and access to your facility, including analog intercoms for affordable 1 to 2 door solutions and IP intercoms that allow you to call a mobile phone or tablet over the local network.

Why Choose R.J. Beck Protective Systems

  • We have been installing commercial security systems across Ohio and surrounding states since 1980.
  • We design customized modular systems that meet your current budget and expand to meet your future needs.
  • We provide a level of personal attention our national competitors can't match.
  • We are an authorized government reseller for the State of Ohio and the U.S. Federal Government, including the Department of Homeland Security.

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