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Designed to provide a district-wide or single building solution for school security, notifications, paging announcements, digital messaging, digital video content, clocks and schedules

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Smart School System

The Smart School System is an integration of systems designed to provide you a district wide or single building solution for school security, notifications, paging announcements, digital messaging, digital video content, clocks and schedules. This 21st century system is extremely easy to use and will provide you with all your needs for years to come. 

Ask yourself these questions:
Does the PA system need to be replaced? 
Does the Clock system need to be replaced? 
How do we communicate within the building if we have a weather event, active shooter, lock down situation or another emergency? 
How do we communicate quickly to the authorities in the event of a situation?  

The answer is the Smart School System from R.J. Beck Protective Systems.

Each part of this system is modular, which means you can start with one component of it and integrate it together over the next few years to fit your budget needs. The system operates with a Security Hub and a Communications Hub that integrate together to form this system. 

Security Hub

This system provides you with instant communications through texting to 24 individuals through use of cellular and network communication. It also provides communication with our central station for direct connection to local law enforcement dispatch centers. You can have up 599 conditions of anything that needs to be monitored and it will communicate to the central station 

The Security hub is divided into multiple uses such as: 

  1. Active Shooter 
  2. Classroom Panic Buttons by classroom or staff member. 
  3. Multiple hard wire panic buttons placed through the building. 
  4. Wireless panic pendants worn by staff will also active a condition. 
Active Door Alerts

Each door on the building will have a stainless-steel door contact with an armored cable. Each door will have its own point identification and can be scheduled to be armed during specific times of the school day and taken out of the system per the schedule.  In the event a door is open during its armed time, the system will text all personnel and alert you that the door has been opened or is propped open. This will alert you to unwanted intruders. 

After school hours, the door returns to normal and the system becomes an intrusion detection system to guard against break ins. 

The system can also monitor critical systems such as temperature, water leaks and food service coolers and freezers. It is also UL listed for a building Fire Alarm System. 

This system provides proactive communication during critical events.

Communications Hub

The Atlas IED IP 100 Series Hub is the central control unit for building paging with the ability to do district wide paging. The GLOBALCOM® IP100 Series ACS Controller is the heart of the system. 

It is a fully-operational, software based network appliance that controls the flow of communication traffic. It dynamically sends and receives media from each endpoint while bridging between multiple network protocols simultaneously. Engineered for maximum interoperability, the IP100 Series manages an entire system of VoIP speakers, digital mic stations, digital power amplifiers, additional message servers, and other network peripherals. 

It works with a network VOIP SIP phone line.  This unit can convert older PA sound systems where the speakers are still working, utilizing amps with the option of adding new IP speakers and clocks. This unit has a standard library of prerecorded messages.  These messages can activate from the security HUB or use special color-coded button to activate a message. You can page from any IP phone in the system.  It has a built-in class schedule system, that can be changed at any time for different schedules. 

The system also has built in digital messaging for emergencies and will transmit these messages in multiple formats.  The system can also transmit normal massages in the days business. 


The HUB also controls a digital clock system. The clocks are IP based and are built into an IP speaker, with an LED display and flasher. During normal use, the speaker is used for paging, change of class notifications and displays the time.  In the event of an emergency, the LED display changes from the time display to the display of the emergency message and activates a flasher. This gives audible and visible notification of the emergency. All these devices are IP based and work on the network. 

The system also utilizes dual-sided hallway clocks with speakers that work well in public areas with high ambient noise levels to give you visual text alerts. 

This system gives you instant communication when needed and interfaces with the life safety  hub to provide an effective safety package. 

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